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Welcome to Ghost Repair

We are a small repairing organisation
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What We Do

Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair

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Is your PC or Laptop broken? We can repair almost all the faults you’re likely to encounter with your laptop or desktop.

Repair Phones/ Tablets/ iPads

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Do you need a screen replacement for your phone? Ghost Repair will help you to resolve any problems with your phone.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

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Have you lost your data on your memory stick or device? Ghost Repair will do our best to restore corrupted data.

Installing OS

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Something wrong with your Operating system? Ghost Repair can install any OS for you and customise it for you.


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Are your devices slow? Ghost Repair is ready to make for you full PC Health check and improve your device performance.

Safe & Secure

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Are you feeling insecure or unsafe? We’re here to make you safe and secure, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Phones Repaired

Installed OS


Devices Fully Repaired

PC/Laptops Repaired

Maintenance Done

Do you have broken phone or computer?

Got a damaged or faulty mobile phone? Broken screen or speakers doesn’t work? Before you throw it away, consider selling it to Ghost Repair and have the payment straight over to you the same day of testing. 
We offer one of the fastest exchange services for damaged, broken or faulty handsets in the Hull, allowing you to make money from your phone hassle free! 
Convenience is our priority, so if you need your money urgently we will make sure you get it immediately after it is valued and tested.

So can I sell my broken phone?


Yes, you can. A mobile phone qualifies as ‘broken’ if it’s in any of these conditions…

  • The screen is cracked
  • It has excessive scratches, dents, or chips
  • Microphones or speakers are broken
  • Buttons and/or keys are faulty
  • Battery is broken or missing
  • It doesn’t power up
  • SIM gate is broken
  • Operating system is missing or corrupt

What’s NOT accepted?


There can be a fairly thin line between a phone that’s ‘damaged’ or ‘too damaged’, which we will not buy. However, you almost certainly won’t get anything for a phone that’s in any of these states:

  • Reported stolen
  • Network barred
  • Blacklisted by CheckMEND
  • Water damaged or with liquid ingress
  • Twisted or snapped in two
  • SIM or memory card glued in
  • Broken hinges on flip phones
  • Fake device

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